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Exotic Ho'onalu - Tungsten and Mokume (PRE-ORDER)


This is a PRE-ORDER for the next batch of Exotic Ho'onalu - a Tungsten Body (Flame Blackened or Machine Finished) with Mokume core (natural or LOS Patina). We will also be offering a copper body option (no LOS option since it would blacken the copper as well).

With this pre-order you are putting down a $10 deposit toward late February / early March 2018 delivery of your completed top(s) - you may order as many of each as you want. Pre-ordering with a modest deposit will allow Josh and I to source the right amount of materials for this next run. When the tops are completed and en-route from Josh to me, I will put up a page for final payment. The pre-order will be open until January 8, 2018.

Pricing and Options:
Flame Blackened Tungsten + Mokume Core $195
Flame Blackened Tungsten + Mokume Core (LOS Patina) $200
Machined Finished Tungsten + Mokume Core $180
Machined Finished Tungsten + Mokume Core (LOS Patina) $185
Copper Body + Mokume Core $150


This deposit is non-refundable. We are going to sourcing fairly expensive materials based on the commitment of your order. If you decide you don't want to complete your order once the tops are ready, you will NOT receive a refund on your deposit. However, if we get into the promised delivery time frame and we are experiencing difficulties with production timing or logistics, I will offer folks the option cancel their order for a for a refund on the $10 deposit. My hope is that this arrangement protects Josh and I from over ordering material as well as guarantees your ability to get the configuration(s) you want and some recourse if we are late.

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