Flashlight Mod - Convoy C8

$100.00 - $115.00

This is a flashlight "mod" built to order on a Convoy C8 host. I configure the C8 with a XHP70 emitter and FET Driver set up for 6V. This light is extremely bright, but you need to run two high drain 18350 batteries (not included). The springs are bypassed for increased current handling, reflector is drilled for this large LED emitter and comes with an AR (anti-reflective) coated lens. Due to the big LED in relatively small reflector there is a "donut hole" in the center of the beam.

In this video I compare a C8 built with XHP70 to an M1 with an XP-L Hi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqvGkeKmnhQ

Option: Can be built with an XP-L Hi and a more basic Qlite driver. In this configuration the light would require a single 18650 battery