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Hoku - 10440 Flashlight

$225.00 - $260.00

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Operation: For a short video on operation and walking through the modes, please checkout this IG video:

Short Clipless Body - this is the most compact body we offer. Parried with a mule bezel produces a light less than three inches long.

Extended Body with clip - for those who prefer to have a pocket clip, this extended body utilizes our existing clip design. It is compatible with all of our clips and should be compatible with most similar pattern clips from other makers including Steel Flame. Some clips may require slight adjustment for the best fit.

Mule - this is our most compact offering - the "mule" has no optic or reflector producing a beam with a lot of flood - perfect for working up close and indoors. Our Mule Bezel includes a glow in the dark spacer.

Reflector - we're using a compact 11.5 mm reflector to keep the design still fairly compact but creating a more focused beam than the mule.


Bezel diameter - .63"
Tail diameter - .70"
Short clipless body with mule bezel - 2.83"
Short clipless body with reflector bezel - 3.10"
Extended body with mule bezel - 3.5"
Extended body with reflector bezel - 3.77"


The Hoku uses an exposed heatsink design. We have three grip cuts available - dimpled, straight flute and twisted flute.

The extended body with clip will use our standard titanium, logo marked or dimpled clips. Laser engraved or marked options available for additional cost.

Additional Info:

Driver: FET driver with guppydrv Rev.1, default programming 1% - 25% - 100% w/ memory
Emitter: Single Nichia 219C (4000k)
Window: flat mineral watch “glass”
Mechanism: Twistie
Battery: single 10440 flat top (these are the cells we use: )

Announcing Hoku - Hawaiian for star, the celestial bodies that the Polynesians used to navigate throughout the Pacific. The Laulima Metal Craft light, Hoku, is based on a 10440 (AAA sized) 3.7V lithium ion cell.

We started thinking about this design in late 2018 - from the outset this project was about making the most compact light possible - one that would serve as a nice companion to our 18350 based lights (Malihini, Todai, Wayfinder, Starfall and “Fatty”). This compact light would function as either an additional carry or for times when you wanted to go with a minimalist loadout.

In order to achieve that, we created a twistie with a short body that is as minimized as possible with a “mule” head for a floody beam - a 10440 light that is the most compact compliment to our 18350 lights.

We also realize that some people love pocket clip carry and that the “standard” 18350 size pocket clip is for some, an integral part of customizing our EDC gear, so we created an extended body that can accommodate the 18350 sized clip.

The short body will also be available with a short clip, which is under development, for folks who want compact clipped carry.

Our engine uses an exposed heatsink design - this allows the light to be very sleek and also have great thermal dissipation. This design choice also allows for the bezel to be easily removed and swapped out for a different material or design. Because of the bezel design and since we are offering so much choice, we also designed a reflector option as well.